Build Back Better Concept

Global experience with major disasters offers a number of key guiding recommendations to support ‘build back better’:

  • Building greater financial resilience within government to manage and respond to natural disasters, and formalized strategic and resource commitments toward recovery management.

  • Promoting the institutionalization of post-disaster assessments and national recovery frameworks to enhance risk governance, ensure recovery readiness, strengthen coordination of governments, civil society, the private sector, multi-laterals and others, and increase efficient and effective recovery and reconstruction operations.

  • Strengthening capacity for recovery planning and monitoring at the national, local and community levels, and establishing clear roles and responsibilities for all actors in a recovery setting, including academia.

  • Strengthening mechanisms for cooperation in recovery and reconstruction that include sharing rosters of experts, tools, bi-lateral support between countries, progress monitoring, and standardized approaches, for e.g. recovery planning frameworks.

  • Developing national and international policy standards for informing and guiding disaster recovery strategies.

  • Maintaining an institutional continuum between preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation and sustainable development measures.

Source: Build back better concept − UN World Conference on DRR, 14.-18.3. 2015, Sendai, Japan