STEP 3: Identifying Gaps

The risk assessment and the results of the DRM performance analysis provide the basis for identifying protection gaps that need to be filled by appropriate DRM mechanisms. Insurance solutions can add value to close these gaps. The following would be available at the end of the assessment and gap identification:

  • Inventory of all identified agricultural-related DRM mechanisms and strategies.
  • Description of the scope and characteristics of each mechanism.
  • Analysis of the performance and matching of existing risks.

Guiding Questions and Tools

Guiding Questions

What gaps have been identified for the government as well as producers and agricultural SMEs, entrepreneurs?


FAO (2016): A gender-responsive approach to disaster risk reduction (DRR) planning in the agricultural sector

FAO Tool for designing, monitoring and evaluating land administration programmes, contains e.g. various fact sheets and tools for Fiscal, Financial and Economic Analysis (FFEA) including cost-benefit analysis (CBA)

Semi-structured interviews with government officials, agricultural business associations, and entrepreneurs, producers and civil society organizations (e.g. farmer associations).